Rome: The Eternal City

In this famous city, every path is a beaten path. There’s hardly any part in this city that hasn’t been frequently photographed. Rome is home to many of Italy’s most recognizable landmarks, thanks to its rich and important role in world history. Let me share with you my personal favorites from my second visit to Rome.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is the largest ancient ampitheater in the world. With thousands of tourists in the city, the Colloseum is where the most number of tourists take pictures at the same time. This imperious landmark is stunning at any point of the day.

Roman Forum

Piazza Venezia

The humongous structure made of white marble is simply magnificent and awe-inspiring. From here, other landmarks like the Coloseo, Roman Forum and the Pantheon are within a short walk.

Fontana de Trevi

Considered as the most famous fountain in the world, Fontana de Trevi draws a truckload of Tourists. People tossing coins over their left shoulder is a common practice especially among first timers, and believed to guarantee their return in this eternal city.

Spanish Steps

This famous landmark also draws thousands of tourists everyday. It’s a perfect place to people watch and relax. Located at its base is the equally historical Piazza di Espagna. The area also boasts several designer shops and restaurants.


St.Peter’s Basilica and Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City

The Vatican City is home to the center of Catholicism. A sovereign city since 1929 and considered as the world’s smallest state. Start the tour by entering the vast complex of Vatican Museum. The museum boasts a rich collection of artistic masterpieces. My favorites include; The Spiral Staircase, Transfiguration, and the Sistine Chapel.

After Sistine Chapel, follow the crowd as most of them head to the colossal St.Peter’s Basilica. More than its emormous size, it is the atmosphere and surreal feeling that you get once you enter the basilica that makes the experience extra special.

Just outside the basilica, is the Piazza San Pietro. This square is wide and provides a good view of the basilica from the outside.

Rome is a city built on history, and there’s so much more to Rome than its extensive amount of historical ruins. It is difficult to grasp its entirety in one visit, and that is why I’d never hesitate to visit this city again.


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