City of Canals: Venice, Italy


It was inevitable. Sooner or later, we were bound to end up in the middle of the famous Piazza San Marco. The narrow streets in Venice can be confusing, but at least they bear signs leading to Piazza San Marco where most of the tourists congregate.

Where’s the fun in Venice without getting lost in its maze-like layout? Ditch the map and just walk along. Venice is a beautiful city to get lost in.

Wandering through the neighborhoods on our way to Piazza San Marco, Β we passed by the iconic Rialto Bridge, which for a long period of time was the only way to cross the grand canal by foot. Our occasional stops at quaint shops that sell Murano glass and Venetian masks got us some great souvenir finds.

The long walk was all worth it with beautiful canals and regular sights of gondolas along the way. With its history as a maritime superpower and center for maritime trade, walking on the same cobblestone streets from hundred years back is a surreal experience.


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