Prague, Czech Republic

My epic European adventure kicked off with my first stop in the beautiful city of Prague. After connecting flights in Hongkong and Munich, I arrived in Prague with an aggregate of 21 hours of travel from Manila.

Upon arrival I was surprised to learn that my luggage is still in HKG, with our delayed departure in MNL being the culprit.

With two sweatshirts, a jacket, passport and wallet inside my backpack, I transformed into a backpacker. More than my disappointment, was a pang of thrill, that I was embarking on a guerilla-style travel. Something I have done only once, back in Malaysia in 2013.

From the airport, I headed straight to the city center to locate my hostel, the Franz Kafka Hostel. The train system is very straightforward and I didn’t have any problem understanding how it works.

Before I could find my hostel, I found myself to be among the thousands of tourists that marvel at the Old Town Square’s beautiful landmarks. I was overwhelmed. On my list, it is the most beautiful city.

The Historical center, where you will find most of the attractions, is very compact. Walking along the cobblestone streets with all the street cafรฉs make Prague even more gorgeous.

After a few hours of walking, I was already at the gate of the Prague Castle witnessing the changing of the guards. I didn’t even realize I had walked more than 10,000 steps from OTS up to the other side of Prague. The Starbucks right in front of Prague Castle was a perfect spot for me to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city while having a cold green tea frapuccino paired with with trdelnik.

On my way back to the city center, I stumbled upon other landmarks like the humongous St.Nicholas Church and Kafka Museum.

St.Nicolas Church

Charles’ Bridge

Considered myself lucky for spotting a good restaurant on the foot of the Charles Bridge. Perfect spot for a glass of Czech beer, people watching and and offers a good vantage point for taking photos of the Danube river, downtown Prague, and the famed Charles Bridge.

Charles’ Bridge

Charles’ Bridge

Franz Kafka Moving Statue

Dancing House

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