Diner on 16th


last night I felt compelled to eat something different. I had no particular food in mind, so choosing a restaurant was a mayhem.

I asked my friends to join me and we decided to hunt for food around the hotel’s neighborhood. This food complex right in front of Ace Hotel and Suites in Mandaluyong City didn’t look exactly desirable to us, but it was a stone’s throw away from our location so we went for it.

The facade of the compound had a thai restaurant,  a burger joint, and a persian restaurant. But we had no appetite for those three, so we decided to enter the narrow alley in the middle of it.


As we explored, we learned there are other interesting restaurants and pubs inside. It was a pleasant surprise. Most of them had a menu displayed outside. The ambiance was very relaxing and upscale, yet it was nowhere near as expensive as those you see in Capitol Commons.

After ogling the whole strip, we decided to eat at Diner on 16th which caters American comfort food. The place was cozy with a retro vibe. Outside the diner was a tablet set for some beer pong.

I ordered a bowl of rice topped with beef tenderloin, and damn it tasted even better than it looked. Tender and packed with right amount of flavors, it was spot on. We also tried their beef with Jalapeno and it was equally good.




Their burger and dessserts looked good as well but I didn’t get to try them. I cannot eat them all at once so I decided to make them my reason for my next visit.




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