Quintessentially Hongkong


Offering a plethora of fun things to do from morning till dawn, there’s no denying that Hongkong is a beautiful and interesting city. As the sun sets, the city becomes more vibrant and alive.

A cruise down Victoria Harbour gives you a good vantage point for viewing the famed Symphony of Lights. Even during the day, the 40 minute cruise aboard the Aqua Luna presents an impressive view of Hongkong’s breathtaking skyline dominated by its towering skyscrapers.

Shopping is also interesting after dark. Check out stores and malls along Nathan Road near Tsim Sha Tsui area for mid to high-price shopping. If you want some cheap, albeit, crowded shopping, Temple St. Night Market is the way to go. Brush up on your bargaining skills and you’ll do just fine.

How do you choose what or where to eat? This time you have to follow your instincts. Street food is just about everywhere. Find a place that’s crowded with locals and bring out the foodie in you.

If you want to experience late night yet wholesome entertainment, head to Mongkok. Much like New York Times Square, you’ll find yourself entertained by street musicians and singers. You can also join the locals who dance on the street if you feel like dancing, or be amazed watching some people doing tricks and stunts. The whole strip is flooded with people, tourists and locals alike.

Below are some photos of Hongkong after dark.











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