Kowloon Dining Chronicles


Kowloon is a food mecca; No doubt about it. The downside, however, of dining in places where there is rarely a menu in english offered, is that you have to take time to convey what you want to eat in simple and perhaps broken english. Despite that, the attendant will look at you like he never understood a thing.

What happened today was a similar story. After spotting a crowded restaurant in the heart of Kowloon, I went for it with all positive presumptions. The menu was in chinese. The waitress appeared dumbfounded to what I had to say. She sought refuge to her colleague, but to no avail. To my desperation, I looked around too see what other customers were having.Most of them had a bowl of noodles.

In an instant, I found an appetite solely for  noodles. I then gestured to a bowl from the other table.

Few minutes later, my food was right in front of me. My bowl of beef noodle soup was sublime. Handsdown. It was the best bowl of noodles I’ve ever had. As they say, best things can come from bad situations.




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