Seoul strikes me as a city of contrasts, fusion, and thriving diversity. For one, it is a megacity bustling with modernity. Several times I found myself ogling the legion of buildings that converge in the city. Triumphs of advanced engineering. The city’s transportation system is very efficient. Its railway system, I’ve read, is one of the most advanced in the world. This simply makes travelling around the city a pleasant experience for travelers who opt to explore the city on their own.


The existence of temples, palaces and museums within the city center will take you to a seemingly different place, giving you a different experience of what seems like a throwback to old Korea.






We were lucky enough to witness and experience the 2nd Kimchi Festival during our visit. They put up a humongous place dedicated for Kimchi making, exhibits of Kimchi’s history, and everything about Kimchi. Certainly, this national dish has its deep roots and is considered part of Korea’s cultural heritage.


It would be a farce to leave South Korea without visiting Nami Island. Or so they say. This world-renowned island accommodates thousands of visitors in a day, visitors who want to see for themselves how God blessed this Island with such beauty. As for us, we couldn’t help taking pictures of the colorful autumn leaves that paint the trees. After minutes of walking, we decided to rent a bicycle to explore the whole island.





Although we left the island with heavy hearts and extremely tired feet, we brought with us nothing less than memories of pure beauty.





4 thoughts on “Seoul

  1. your beautiful pictures brought back great memories. I spent a couple of days around the palace, but didn’t get to go to that island. Korea is a beautiful country and the people were so friendly too. I really liked Seoul, and Busan too.

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      1. Yes, I really liked Korea. I would love to go back. I liked Busan and Geoji Island a lot. I’d like to explore more. The people I met there were great.
        If I can ever get myself psyched up to teach English, Korea would be high on the list of places to do it.
        My best friend from high school just went to Vietnam to teach TEFL. I am certified now but never have started teaching yet. I’m just not comfortable not having a safety net. Maybe one of these days I’ll get over that.

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